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Haters gonna hate, but they really should appreciate

Each day she wakes up, she feels excited, hoping that today will be different than the others. She puts on a bright smile, trying to encourage others to do the same. Unfortunately, today is just the same as the other days of her life.

As she goes throughout her day, she hears the same old things. Everyone she meets seems to have an unprecedented hatred for her; they all tell her how much they hate her. They think she’s ugly, mean, and annoying, when she has never done anything to harm anyone intentionally. No matter how many times she tries to interact with others, she still can never seem to get people to like her. Even her own siblings can’t change her reputation. In fact, they make it worse.

As the Second oldest of the 7 children, she cannot seem to understand what it is about her that is so unfavorable. Her older sister seems to be loved, but that is only because the Oldest is laid back; she is all about relaxing. Maybe it is that Oldest is sometimes religious? Why does she get more attention? Second does all of her work. She is productive and gets things done timely. She feels motivated!

Third-one of Second’s brothers-is usually forgotten about. At times, she feels sorry for him. Other times, she wishes she could be him.

Fourth is one of her most popular sisters. She doesn’t get the “middle child” treatment, but instead everyone is so excited to see Fourth. She has favorable nick names and many friends.

Fifth is usually lumped in with Third. Some mix up the two with each other-They are a bit forgettable. However, Second would much rather be like them. They are lucky to not have someone say how much they are repulsed by them,

Second’s brother-Sixth-seem to be the favorite. What she can’t understand is why everyone loves him, when the two of them are so similar that they could be twins. The only difference between the two of them is that Sixth is a party person. He rarely takes his work seriously and always wants to leave work and school early. He doesn’t care about productivity. Second can’t understand this, when she feels that being productive is more important. If you work hard all day, then you can play. Not the other way around.

Her youngest sister-Seventh- is also very appealing to others. Seventh tries to get her chores done in a timely manner so that at night she can party with the cool people. She can be productive, or lazy, depending on what she needs that day. Second is glad that her baby sister gets the attention that she wants, but Second also wants to have just one day where she isn’t put down or frowned upon.

One day, someone told her that they liked her. They liked her because she was so productive and refreshing after spending too much time with Sixth, Seventh, and Oldest. That made Second’s day more than anyone will ever know. It’s too bad that just two minutes later someone else told her that they wished she never existed.

We need to stop the hate today. It isn’t fair that she should be hated simply because she isn’t our favorite of the siblings. Second needs love, too! After all, she has been good to us, offering to help us get our projects done early so that we can spend time with Sixth, Seventh, and Oldest.

Can you imagine how bright and happy she would be if we all said “Monday, we don’t hate you, we love you! You help us get things done!”? What a change there would be in her countenance! We need to appreciate her for who she is, not for who she is not. We must remember that she and Friday are the same, only with little minute differences.

Spread the word: Let’s appreciate Monday more. Let’s give her the attention she deserves.

She isn’t unkind, she is simply there and wants to motivate us to be better and more productive.

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