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Purple lipstick and confidence intervals

Anxiety is a butthead. Okay, there, I said it!

Now mix that with statistics. Not the helpful kind that you can read and learn more about world-wide issues, but the kind where you have to figure out how much of a population is prone to some thing or another by looking at a sample size that may or may not be representative of the population for various reasons. Now mix THAT with the testing center- the place notorious for being the most (or the least, depending on your view) spiritual place on BYU campus because of the amount of prayers offered from students just wanting to pass their exams.

I have to say that testing is my least favorite part about school, but it is a necessary evil in order to graduate. Luckily, most of my classes either have final projects or in-class finals, but occasionally I still have to go to the testing center. Like I have to today, to take my final stats midterm before the final.

How do I cope? By putting on my game face. Sometimes, as silly as it may seem, putting on my makeup can change my entire outlook of a day. It’s not that I don’t feel pretty without it- I think I’ve been blessed with natural beauty- I just feel more powerful with my makeup on.

I’ve been through pretty much every makeup phase a girl can have- light and pretty, dark and goth-y, GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER, and natural tones. However, my go-to color is purple.

Since I was blessed to be born in February, my birthstone is amethyst. This works out pretty perfectly, since my absolute favorite color is violet! When I wear purple, it just makes me feel more… well, me. Like I’m more connected to my soul, if that makes sense.

So, today, when it’s a cloudy Monday filled with anxiety and stress and overall ickiness, I am wearing one of my (many) purple lipsticks. I might get a few extra looks today as I walk into the testing center, but I’m walking in knowing my face looks fabulous.

Lipstick by Maybelline in Lilac Flush

Moral of the story? Be you. Let your strengths overpower the weaknesses and insecurities that try to hold you back. BE BOLD. If that means wearing purple lipstick, do it! If it means taking a break from studying to write a blog post people might not read, DO IT!

Just be you. Because YOU are beautiful. Reach inside and find your power. Don’t be afraid to let it shine, even when you have to go to the darkest part of campus and take an exam while just praying that you pass. You’ve got this!


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