Dear Reader

New Look, New Website

Well, well, well. Here we are at my new site!

You’ll see that I’m slowly adding my old blogs here as time rolls by. I wanted them to get here faster. Unfortunately, my older posts are super long and not easy to switch over from blogger… So I’ll probably just keep a copy on my computer and only upload them once in a blue moon.

Thankfully, my writing has improved quite a bit since 2013. I’m more concise. I can say what I mean to say without embellishing (too much), or adding extra exclamation points, or so many words in all caps.

You could even say I’ve mellowed out a bit. Or maybe I’ve just matured. šŸ˜‰

This new site comes as I begin a new chapter in my life. Sometimes I change things drastically without thinking (can you say dying my hair black?), but this change has been coming for a while.

If you’ve been with me before, thank you. If you’re just getting here now, I hope you enjoy getting to know me through these pages.


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