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The Enemy – A Short Story

She found herself in a deserted wasteland, alone, with only her one weapon left. Her surroundings were not unfamiliar, for she had fought this battle before. The difference between this battle and the last was simple. Before, there had only been one enemy. When she conquered him, she felt power beyond her wildest imagination. Despite her new found power, this enemy was much harder than she expected. There were too many of them, coming at her from all sides. Never stopping, even when they were wounded. She was surrounded by the enemy, hot, and beginning to fall victim to thirst and fatigue. Yet, she knew she must not give in to the temptation to run. If she ran fast enough, she might be able to evade her enemy, but they would follow. They always followed. No, this was a battle she must not run from.The safety of all who lived nearby was at stake. It was either their lives, or the enemy’s. She wiped the sweat from her brow as she listened to the sound of the rushing water and waited for the perfect moment to attack. Zoom! She heard it wiz past her right ear. Quickly turning around, she protected herself and decided that no amount of internal preparation would be enough. The time was now. The fight had arrived and she had made her choice. If she was to go down, she would take as many down with her as she could. She fought valiantly, gracefully dodging her attackers and managed to deal a few deadly blows of her own. As she began to give up hope that the enemy would ever relent, the world around her became quiet. The rushing water stopped and she heard the Calvary coming! She smiled as her mother said “You can shut the back door now.” As she shut the back door, she noticed that there was one enemy left. As it landed on the counter and took what was about to be it’s last breath, she raised her swatter. Slap! was the last sound the fly would ever hear. She smiled once again, pleased with her victory, then proceeded to put away the newly washed dishes. She fought hard. And she was victorious.

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