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Happy Birthday, America!

As we all know, today is the 4th of July. The date that the United States of America became independent from England. A start of a new era, a new generation, built on a foundation of freedom and liberty.

While today is a day to celebrate, it is also a day of remembrance. I fear that this once great nation has almost forgotten the great things that made that foundation of liberty. Our forefathers fought so that we could have freedom, not a place for those who have morals to be seen as intolerant or old fashioned. The good news is that we can still stand up for our beliefs, even if others disagree with us. I feel that it is possible to get along with everyone, even if we disagree on some points. As long as everyone tries to be kind and loving.
One of the problems with this nation today is that people go looking for fights. They are offended by everything and shun everything that is good. Why? I don’t know. If someone stands up for their beliefs, they are attacked. Even by some who they considered to be their friends.

As a politically conservative person, I have strong beliefs and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I don’t mean to say that those who identify with being more liberal don’t have strong beliefs as well, I am simply stating that I have strong beliefs.

I could spend quite a bit of time going into all of the things that I disagree with that are happening in the government and who I would or would not vote for in an election, but that is not the point of this post. My concern is for the people of this nation. The time to stand up for our freedoms and our rights is now! We CAN hold on to our values! We should never be afraid to do what we feel is right. We don’t have to accuse or belittle others because of their beliefs. If they happen to try and belittle us, then we must do the right thing and turn the other cheek. I am in charge of my own life and they are in charge of theirs.

I try my hardest to love everyone. In this world, you can’t speak up about any opinion without someone getting offended, which is absolutely ridiculous. We should all try harder to love one another and treat them with kindness. If there is a misunderstanding, by all means correct yourself and explain your position. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your right to your own opinion.

If our forefathers spent so much time worrying about what others thought and tried to not offend anyone, we wouldn’t have this nation to begin with. We were little in comparison, but we won the fight! We can win this one too. The nation doesn’t have to go down in flames because of those who are offended easily. If we all try to see the good in everyone else, we won’t be so offended.
Moral of the blog post? Stand up for what you believe in. Do what is right for you. Follow the laws and the commandments. Do not get offended easily. Try not to offend, but do not back away from what you know to be right when others get offended at your beliefs.
Happy 4th of July. America. Here’s to having hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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