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When I look at the night sky

This is just a little bit of something I wrote last December. I think it captures the way I feel about looking at the stars quite perfectly.

How do you feel when you look at the stars?


There is something about the stars that shine at night that is so beautiful, solidary, and serene. It might sound cliché, but they make me feel more connected to the earth. Like looking out at the vast space that is above my head helps me to know that somehow I am more than just a person. I am made of the earth and of the stars.

In the moment I spend looking at the moon in the sky, I feel at one with the elements. If it is a cool evening, I feel even less like a human being, and more like a spiritual being. Like my soul can take flight and spread out through the universe and leave my body behind with all of my stress and worry. It’s times like these that make living life worth it.

There is so much out there that we don’t even know about! If there was such a thing, I would major in discovery of new thoughts. I love getting lost inside my mind and feeling the power of imagination, but I also like looking outwardly and making new connections and pondering on the majesty of what isn’t there. Or what is there, but no one has seen yet. Think of the atom. No one thought such a small thing was possible, but then they discovered it and even realized that it was made up of even smaller particles. How do you explain that order? How to explain why it exists that way? I think it’s cool.

My soul is romantic. I want everything to be beautiful and for everyone to see the beauty in symbolism. I long for more than what I have, but not in the physical sense. I want to be one with nature. However, I hate the great outdoors. Funny oddity, isn’t it?

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