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From Head to Heart to Hands

Hello, Readers!!I know it has been longer than I had originally hoped since my last post, but I am here now and plan on keeping up with tasks on a consistent basis.

Title Explained:

Before I post more about my journey, I should probably elaborate on what the name of by blog means! (For scriptural reference, please see Alma 32: 28-43) The title From Head to Heart to Hands is referencing my own beliefs of how the gospel of Jesus Christ works in our daily life. When I hear or experience something for the first time, I think about it. To use a non-religious example: When a friend you have known for quite sometime as a particular name decides that he or she would prefer to be called a different name, it takes a while for the new name to catch on. Let’s say your friend Kristy has been going by an abbreviation of her middle name for most of her life. When she decides to begin using her first name-let’s pretend that her first name is Audrey-it takes you by surprise. You have to think about her name for a while, before you can start to see her as Audrey instead of Kristy. Because it is so different, it is still easier for you to call her Kristy or even Kristine. When you finally can wrap your mind around calling her Audrey, then you will want to start to call her that new name, because you know that she wants you to call her that. Eventually it will become so easy to call her Audrey, that you start to wonder why she ever went by Kristy!

The same thing works with the gospel. When I learn a new principle, it takes me a while to really understand the deeper meaning of what I am supposed to be doing. As I ponder and pray about what that meaning is, it becomes meaningful to me. With that personal meaning, it is easier for me to act on it. Hence: it starts in your head, engraves itself on your heart, then you use your hands to actually do something about it. (Or even your mouth, if what you can do is speak.) When something is precious to you, you usually want others to know about it, or for others to feel the same way you do.
I will try to post again later today, but for now my homework must be accomplished… I have 3 midterms this week, but I know I can do this!!
Here’s a great song to help you through the week:

 “He’ll Carry You” by Hilary Weeks
Until next time!

Savannah Hawkins

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