From The Heart,  Inspired

When words fail


I wish I were a composer so I could write and share my emotions about music through a song. The ability to convey meaning without words isn’t something I’ve been blessed with. At least not when it comes to being creative. 

Much like how I feel about the stars, music can make me feel connected to the universe on a spiritual level. 
Now, I’m obviously not talking about pop music like my girls TSwift and Ke$ha, but instrumental pieces and arrangements that can make a person feel something. 

Emotions are, by nature, complex. We can be sad about one thing, while being really excited about another thing. We can laugh at a really funny joke and experience a real moment of happiness, while being depressed. Heck, sometimes we cry when we feel joy. 

There are days—like today—when words don’t seem like enough for me. Sometimes I have feelings that don’t have names. Sometimes my soul wants to express something that I don’t understand. 

Music can do that. 

What are your favorite music works? What moves you? What speaks to your soul?

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