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The Lord will put us in the right place at the right time and sometimes the right place is the restroom.

Today I had an interesting experience that I feel the need to share. I had about an hour and a half to kill before going to work and decided to work on a homework that was due tonight. Instead of going to the library where I know I could find an open computer fairly easy, I decided that staying in the HFAC was the best place to work. Unfortunately, I realized that while my assignment would only take about 30 minutes to complete, I would not be able to finish it on the computer kiosks, since they only allow use for 10 minutes before kicking you off. Reluctantly, I decided to find another corner to work on my paper through using my phone. I had to download OneDrive to my iPhone and then the mobile version of Microsoft Office as well, before I could get to work. After I finished writing the assignment, I returned to the kiosk to change the formatting a little bit before submitting it. Unfortunately, Learning Suite was not accepting the assignment at that time, so I ended up with a dying phone for nothing, essentially.

Feeling defeated and tired of school for the day with work still ahead of me, I retired to the ladies’ room in the same hall for a break. As I was washing my hands, another young woman came in to the restroom. The usual conversation about how much the random restroom stranger loved my hair commenced, which then turned into a conversation about Anne of Green Gables. I felt the need to ask her name, which was Jennifer (I hope I get to meet her again, because she is lovely!). After exchanging names, she asked me what my major was. I explained that I had recently switched to Communications from Theatre and we had a short discussion about how sometimes the Lord lets us feel anxiety about the things that aren’t right for us. I related my experience to a talk referencing the experience of a young man and his father that felt prompted to go down the wrong road, which after reaching the dead end were able to go down the correct road with all of its twists and turns with confidence that it was correct.
She nearly started crying and told me that she absolutely needed to hear that today because of something she was going through not 5 minutes before she entered the restroom. By my experience and our mutual understanding of another’s experience she was able to find comfort in her own decision to know that it was correct. She then gave me the most heartfelt hug that I have ever received from a stranger. It truly made my day better because I was able to help someone else without even knowing before that she would need help or that my experience would be needed to help another person during a difficult time in their life. Plus, it was an answer to my own prayers, since I really needed a hug today.

This was yet another reminder to me that as we allow ourselves to listen to the Holy Ghost and act on the promptings we receive that our lives and the lives of others will be blessed. I could have brushed off the thought to ask her name and continue on with life like I normally do when people complement my hair, but I didn’t ignore it and received a priceless treasure for something so simple.

We truly are the hands of the Savior on this earth. We need never to pass up an opportunity to make a new friend and help someone’s day be even a fraction of a millisecond better. Plus, it makes our lives better as well.

Wrong Roads and Revelation by Matthew Holland

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